Send Staff Messages using Internal Messenger

If you click on the Home module, a pop-up appears from where you can send 'chat type' staff messages. Teachers can send and read messages through the Dashboard in the same way.


When you click on 'Send New', at the base of this pop-up, you can choose a staff member by clicking into the 'Choose Recipient' box. You are also able to select more than one staff member (by individually selecting their names), or you can opt for Everyone to send to all staff. Any staff member with a ScholarPack profile will be available for selection. You can de-select someone by clicking on the cross next to their name.


Once you have selected the recipient and entered your text in the Message box, you click Send Message. You will be notified of unread messages on the initial login, or when a new message is received. 

For those receiving the message, they will see the following indication:



A box will also appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen on the initial login.


Replying to a Message

When a message has been received, you can reply by clicking on the message in the Home pop-up. This will take you to a window that will allow you to either reply to the message, go back to the conversation, start a new conversation, or view older messages associated with this current conversation.


To view all previously sent and received messages, select the View All function from the base of the Home pop-up.


This will then list all the messages with the option to delete them from the list or reply to the message.


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