Form Groups - Add, Edit and Delete

Form Groups in ScholarPack are your registration groups/classes.  You can add, edit or delete Form groups in ScholarPack via Admin > Config > Core Setup > Forms.

Add a Form Group

To add a Form, enter an abbreviation and description in the boxes provided then click on "Save New Form Group".


Form Abbreviations need to be unique, so ensure each one is different otherwise this will cause issues in the system

Edit a Form Group

To edit a Form, simply click the Edit button to make your changes then click Update.
The red box shown below is highlighting that the Form has changed from N-CF to N-CF2 which will update any students currently assigned to N-CF. Students are not physically moved anywhere.

You are not able to merge Form groups, for example merging two Forms into one.

You would need to create a new Form group, give it a completely different name, then assign your chosen students to this new Form using the Group Updater.

Delete a Form Group

You are unable to delete a Form group whilst there are still enrolled students assigned to it.  Once there are no students assigned to the form, there will be a delete button visible.

Reorder Form Groups

Please see our guidance here: Re-order out of order form groups config
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