How do I set-up a Form group and add students to it?

Question - How do I set-up a Form group and add students to it?

Answer First of all go to Admin > Config > Core Setup > Forms. Enter the form name into the provided boxes (abbreviation and description) Click on "Save New Form Group"




Next, go to Admin > Students > Group Updater.


From the drop down boxes. Choose the year group of the students you want to add to it and set the Student Attribute to "Current Form Group" and click choose.

This will present you with a list of students you have selected. From the drop-down box next to the "Check All" button, choose the new Form group. Next, tick those you wish to move to the new form by clicking on the boxes adjacent to their names. Click "Update Students" at the bottom of this table to save this. 

Please note - If you are only updating 1 student, you can use the Extended tab of the Student Profile to change this, ensuring you click save at the bottom. 

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