Create a CTF for an off roll student

You can create CTFs once you have ended the student's enrolment.

Finding the student

Go to Admin > Students > Search Not on Roll. Here you will be able to search for students (by surname) to access their profiles.


To search for the student, enter their name in the Student box, then Choose once you have selected their name.

Under Actions (the first column), you have the option to:

  • go to their profile if you need to input any data

From the CTF option

If you clicked on CTF in the Search Not on Roll area, it will take you where you can create a CTF.

Select the Destination School from the dropdown, then click Download.



From the profile

You will see a blue XML icon/button close to their name, this will allow you to generate a CTF file here.



Where does the CTF go?

When you click Download, the CTF for this student will appear in the bottom left of your screen. It will download to your computer, usually into your Downloads folder.

ScholarPack will not automatically send the CTF to the student's new school (the destination school). You will need to send them this file, perhaps through the DfE's secure portal S2S.

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