Create a group of students going on a trip for emails and reports

The best thing to do is to create this trip as a Club. This then allows you to, send comms by selecting the "club" and report on this with Medical and contact information without having to pick out the students manually.  

  • Go to Workspace > Clubs (or Admin >Config >Clubs, depending on your access rights). 
  • Click Add a Club, input the trip name, the date of it, what years are going and any details you wish to record. Click "Next: Timetable". 
  • Click the day this trip is on and pop in a time, (this doesn't need to be completely accurate as this is just for reporting and comms).
  • Assign a staff member to the trip and click Next. 
  • Tick the relevant boxes on the next page that comes up, you don't need to record any costs if you only need this for reporting and comms. Click Add Students. 
  • Click Add/Remove Students and assign all the relevant kids. 
  • Once the students are orange - they are saved in the club. 

Now you can go to Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > Clubs. Put in the date that you said the "club" started and under the "Display" options, tick "Extended Info". This will produce a report of all the students names/forms years/ as well as their Contact, Medical and Dietary Requirements. 

You can also go to Admin > Comms click on "clubs" down the left hand side and choose your trip from here - this pulls through all the relevant contacts for this trip for you to easily send a SMS/Email to. 


Treat as you would any other group for sms/email. The Add all function will populate the contacts window on the right hand side of your screen.


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