Enter Teacher Test Data

Teacher test data can be entered into Scholarpack if needed but is optional, unlike the teacher assessments which are mandatory.

KS2 Teacher Test results

Will ordinarily be imported from the Primary Assessment Gateway into Scholarpack via a partial CTF in early July. 

Refer to: Import Key Stage 2 Test Results from the Primary Assessment Gateway

This will autofill the Teacher Tests in the KS2 Official Results report found in Reporting > Assessments > Statutory Assessment (tab), as well as showing on student profile's under the assessment tab.  

Therefore, it will usually only be required to manually enter the teacher tests for historic purposes.



Enter Teacher Test Data

To enter test data go to Admin > Students > Statutory Assessment


If you don't have access to Admin and your school has it set up, please go via Workspace > Statutory Assessment instead. For guidance see: Update Settings so Teachers can enter Statutory Assessment Data

From the dropdown select either End of Key Stage 1 or End of Key Stage 2

In the next area on the left hand side you have the option to select the components you wish to add marks against.


To select multiple components hold down the CTRL key (or CMD key if you are using a MAC) whilst you click on the components.


The components for Teacher Tests are in green and have TT in the name.  E.g. 'KS1-ENG-SPE-TT-NM' 

If you are entering data for previous years you may need to scroll down further and select the grey (not black) components with 'TT' in the names.


Once the components are selected, enter the Result date and the Year Result (the year the test was taken, not the academic year).

result date.png


You then have some options about the table format you require:

  • 'For data entry' allows you to enter the KS1 data.
  • 'Grid with data' shows the data entered and you then have an option to print the results here if required.
  • 'Blank grid' can be used if you wish to print off the table and enter the data manually before entering it on the system.  

Curriculum Year - Enter the Year group the students are in . 

NOTE: If you are entering data for previous years you would need to select the year the students are in now. 

Class - This relates to Form/Registration groups.  If you have more than one form group per year you can choose to enter data separately for each group, or you can leave this on All Groups to show the whole year group.  

Former Students - Click onto "show only former students" if you have an off roll student you need to enter data for, this will only show off roll students so you will need to unclick this and click choose again for the on roll students.  

Once you select Choose you get a table with the components along the top and a list of students down the side.

To enter marks click the dropdown arrow and choose the mark from the list.

To delete marks select 'Remove' from the list.

When the data has been entered ensure to click save at the bottom of the page before navigating away.


For information on converting raw scores into scaled scores please refer to:

Key stage 1 tests: test administration guidance


Test Codes

  • A - Absent
  • B - Working below the standard of the test
  • L - Left
  • M - Missing
  • T - Unable to access the test
  • F - Pupil will take the test in the future
  • P - Pupil has taken the test in the past
  • H - Pupil cheating
  • Q - Maladministration
  • AS - Achieved standard
  • NS - Not achieved standard
  • CA - Ability to represent their actual ability in the test affected
  • CN - Ability to represent their actual ability in the test not affected
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