How do I enter Statutory Phonics results in ScholarPack?

In the 2021/22 Academic Year the Phonics Screening for students in Year 1 is to be revived (June 2022) and any student in Year 2 who did not meet the expected level in the Autumn 2021 check are to take the test again. In future academic years the Phonics Check will only take place in the summer term, alongside other statutory assessment testing.

In order to enter phonics statutory assessment data please go to Admin > Students > Statutory Assessment > Phonics.


Note: If you do not have access to Admin and your school has it set up, please access statutory assessments via Workspace > Statutory Assessment - for further information on setting this up please click here.

In this area a table will appear with all your Year 1 and Year 2 students. You will need to enter the marks for all students in Year 1. It is only necessary to enter data here for those Year 2 students who are re-sitting the phonics test this academic year. 

To enter the phonics mark click into the dropdown, select the mark you require (from 0-40) and you will see a green tick flash up to show that the mark is saved in the Saved column. 

The threshold mark will be made available to schools after the end of the test window on Monday 20 June 2022 on GOV.UK. Schools do not need to wait for the threshold mark to be published before submitting their data to the local authority. Schools are only required to submit the mark (or outcome where the pupil has not taken the test) to local authorities, and local authorities will be required to submit this to the DfE. The DfE will apply the threshold after the data has been submitted to local authorities.

Data will be gathered in the collection for all Year 1 pupils and those in Year 2 who did not
meet the expected level in the 2021 autumn term phonics screening check. 

The ‘Phonics Outcome’ field is to be populated with the following values only where a
pupil has not taken the test:
A – Absent
Q – Maladministration
D – Disapplied
L – Left
Outcomes Wa and Wt are not required. However, if these are included in a file returned
to the department the file will be accepted and the Phonics Outcome field removed.

Click to view the full DfE documentation: Phonics screening check administration guidance 

If a pupil is absent during the check week, you can administer the check to them until
Friday 17 June 2022. Any pupil who is absent from school for this entire period should be
recorded as absent in the results data.

NoteIf an error is made with entering a result, it can be removed under Admin > Students > Statutory Assessments > End of Key Stage 1 and selecting the two green phonics screenings. Click on a cell and the Remove option will be at the top of the dropdown. Also, you can enter phonics data for students who have left the school prior to recording their results, just select 'show former students only' and their names will come up.


Remember to click Save at the base of the table after deleting or entering any marks in this area, as it does not autosave. 

Exporting your Phonics marks in a partial CTF

Once the phonics results have been entered please click here to see the guidance on exporting a CTF with the data. 

Schools must submit their phonics screening check results to their LA by the deadline specified by their LA. 

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