How do I create an incidents report to only view the aggressors not the victims?


Although there isn't a specific report to show just aggressor events, you can filter a general Incidents report to show only the aggressors. To do this, head over to Reporting > Reports > Conduct tab > Incidents.


Select the date range you'd like to cover, along with which forms and year groups to include, and whether you want to include former and/or present students, then click "Choose".


Once the report loads the data for the options requested, you can filter the results to only display a particular involvement type.

In the blank space under column heading labelled Role, type "Aggressor" (or whatever you have called the instigating role in your Admin > Config > Incidents setup), and then hit Enter on your keyboard. This will filter the report to show only those with the role of aggressor:


TIP: You can use the Print and Download icons in the top righthand corner of the page to either print out or digitally export the results with the filters still applied. Click the relevant icon to print, and for exporting, also select the file format and page orientation:



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