How do I find and correct gaps in register?

To check for any gaps in register please go to Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Gaps in Register by Date:



Error Note: In this report, if you are greeted with the below message: 


You will need to go to Admin > Config > Core Set Up > Holidays to ensure that none of your dates are overlapping. For further information on removing the overlapping dates please click here.


Once in this report ensure that in the top right you have clicked to show gaps.


Any dates where codes are missing will be circled in red, if you click into the circle you will then have the option to fill in the gaps.


If you click onto "Fix gaps" this will take you to the Manage Register area, where you can click into the red box to add the required code.  



NOTE: Hidden Gaps = Former Students!

If the report says there are gaps in the register for a particular date, but there don't appear to be any on the Manage Register interface (reached after you click on the "Fix gaps" button), this will most likely be because the gaps belong to a now-former student.

Simply toggle the option above the View Register button to "Show Former Students", then click the "View Register" button to reload the register with former students now included:


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