Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) for Year 4

What is the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)?

It is a statutory requirement for schools to administer the MTC for students in Year 4. 

To access the Department for Education (DfE) guide, including the link for the online MTC Service, please go to: Multiplication tables check administration guidance

The MTC is an on-screen assessment developed to determine whether students are able to fluently recall their multiplication tables up to 12 through a set of timed questions. The check consists of 25 questions, and students have 6 seconds to answer each question with a 3 second pause between questions. There will be three practice questions before the check begins.

The MTC results (a total score for each student) is available in the 'View Pupil Results' section of the MTC Service 

How to import the MTC results into ScholarPack

You will download a partial CTF with student MTC results from the DfE online portal.

In ScholarPack, go to Admin > Students > Partial CTF Importer and select Assessments.

Click Choose File to locate the file in your computer, then click Upload


View the Imported Data

The data can be viewed on each Year 4 student profile by clicking on the Assessment tab.

Under Statutory Assessments and Simple Assessment.

view imported data.png


Within Statutory Assessments you can view the marks under Key Stage 2 Results, in the Mathematics area. 



Report on the MTC Results

In Reporting > Assessment > Statutory Assessment you will find the School MTC Report and the MTC Reports to Parents.  

  • In the School MTC Report, select the student's current year group and the year the test was taken, as well as a particular form or cohort if required. Then click Choose to run the report.

mtc report.png

mtc report data.png


The report will display student names with the  current year group, the year of result, the year group of outcome as well as the student's outcome

  • In the MTC Report to Parents, this report will download to produce one student entry per page, with the student name, their result and what a result means in cases where the student has not taken the test (see Mark Options below).

mtc report to parents.png

report for parents.png


Mark Options for MTC

Mark Options: A score of 0-25 (out of 25 questions), or: 

A = Absent

B = Working below expectation

J = Just arrived in the school 

L = Left 

Q = Annulled 

U = Unable to access test

X = Not Received/missing data

Z = Incorrect registration for the MTC assessment

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