I can't send an email

You may find a recipient has no email address visible, or their contact details are crossed out.

If the information for a student's contact is not appearing in the contact list in Comms, there are a number of checks you can make.

  1. On the student's profile, click on the cog next to their contact's name, to ensure the information is correct.  If any amendments are made, please click Save at the base of the contact details before returning to Admin > Comms.
  2. Ensure the contact has a correct Contact Order applied (all comms default to contact 1, but comms can be sent to any contact number if selected). If there is no contact order number, the contact will not pull through to Admin > Comms.
  3. The Responsibility and Permission to Take Home fields for a contact have to have a value and cannot be blank. 
  4. Confirm the Allow Contact By fields at the base of the contact details have an Yes entry.  A student contact needs Yes to be applied to Allow Contact by Email/SMS/Letter in order to receive school communications. 

If the contact details are all correctly entered, ensure the student is in a year group that is entered in Admin > Config > Core Setup > Years. For example, if a student is in -2 (first year of nursery) and you have no academic year set up for -2, the student's contacts won't show in Admin > Comms. Enter the year group here, and then you can view the student in the Comms area. 

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