I cannot enter statutory assessment data into ScholarPack, I get an error message, why is this?


Statutory Assessment data is entered into ScholarPack via Admin > Students > Statutory Assessments (or Workspace > Statutory Assessments). 


If you obtain an Error message once selecting the Key Stage, Assessment Components and Year Group (example below), it may be due to duplicate SEN for a student in that year group.


Go to Reporting > Reports >Support (tab)> SEN, tick to include SEN Provision of N (above the Choose button), and select the year group for this Statutory Assessment (or you can filter the Year Group column after running the report for all students).


A student may only have one open SEN period. If you go to the student profile for the student causing this error, on the Support Tab click on the cog next to SEN to view all open SEN periods. Place an end date on one of the SEN Provisions (including No Special Educational Need), so that only the current SEN provision is open. 


Once you have cleared any duplicate SEN, return to the statutory assessment area in order to enter your data. 

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