Mark a student as being educated out of their date of birth year group

You may have a student who is to be educated out of their date of birth (DOB) year group. To record this, got to the extended tab on their student profile and enter the year group they are studying in. 

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The DOB Year is calculated from the student's Birth Date, and the lettering in red will alert you to the fact their year group does not match their DOB Year Group. If the information is correct, you do not need to do anything, it is merely flagging the discrepancy. 

Please seek advice from your Local Authority regarding students being educated outside of their DOB year group if you have any concerns.

The Department for Education (DfE) has produced a guideline to the National Curriculum, containing student ages in particular year groups and Key Stages. The DfE calculates student age at the start of the academic year, considered to be 31st August. 

If you have a number of students being educated out of year group, and wish to report on them as a group, it is advised to set up a Custom Student Field so that you can generate a report.

Use the student names displaying in this report to set up a Static Group in Data Digger, which can then be selected in a range of reports. 

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