How do I off roll a student?

In order to off roll a student first go to their profile by searching the name in the top right hand search bar.

Once on the student profile go to the extended tab and scroll down to below the school information heading to enter leaving date and destination school.



If the destination school you require is not in the dropdown for destination school please go to Admin > Config > Destination School Setup to add this here.  If you are unsure of the URN of the school click onto find school and LEA reference numbers at the top to search for the school here.



If you do not know the destination school currently this isn't required to off roll the student and can be added at a later date via Admin > Students > Search Not on Roll.  

Once the destination school (optional) and leaving date (mandatory) have been entered onto the extended tab of the student profile, scroll to the bottom of the extended tab and save.  Once saved, scroll to the bottom of the page again and click off roll.  Here you will be able to enter the leaving reason for the student.


Click onto complete off roll and this will take you back to the first page of the student profile.  If you need to create the CTF for the student you can do this now by clicking onto the small blue xml icon to the right hand side of the student name.


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