How do I off roll my leavers for year end?

During the year end process via Admin > Year End you will have the option on step 4 of off rolling leavers in bulk.  The Year End process cannot be completed until the final register of the year has been taken  however there are items that can be completed in advance of this to prepare.


You are able to assign destination schools to the leavers in preparation for year end.  For further information on this please click here.

You can also assign leaving dates in bulk via Admin > Students > Group Updater.  


Once in this area select the year or form group you wish to add leaving dates for and change the student attribute to Date of Leaving, then click choose.


This will list the students you have requested.  Next to the blank text box click onto the three dots to select the date you wish to assign as a leaving date for these students in the calendar.


You can then either click check all to select all students or just tick those students you wish to assign the leaving date to.  Once complete click update students at the bottom to save.


Please note this will not off roll the students this will just add a leaving date meaning that when you complete the year end process and off roll your students in bulk this will be the leaving date that is assigned. 

If you did wish to off roll your leavers individually prior to year end please click here for further guidance on this.  Please be advised once a student is off rolled they will not show in the register so do not off roll them until their leaving date. 

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