Year End Step 4 - Off Roll Leavers

This step of the Year End process will allow you to off roll those students leaving your school in bulk.

Top Tip: If you want to end enrolment for a student mid-way through the year, follow these instructions instead: Off Roll a Student to end their enrolment in the school


This section is split into a Mandatory section on the left and an Optional section on the right.

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Once a student is off rolled, they will no longer be visible in the Parents App or in API data connections with integrators. Please ensure you are ready to off roll your students at this stage.

If you wish to delay off rolling in order to clear payments with online payment integrators, you can move to Step 5 of Year End as you will have another opportunity to off roll in bulk at Step 7.

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1. Off Roll Students

Once you have set up and allocated your destination schools (as detailed in the Step 1 and Step 3 guidance),  you can off roll your leaving students.

Clicking on the 'Click here' link will take you to the area shown below.

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Select the students Year group which will produce a list of students.

If there are different reasons for the students leaving you would need to select each reason one at a time.

Select a reason from the top dropdown then choose select the students you want from the list.

If all students have the same reason you can select 'Check All'.

Click 'Off Roll' at the bottom of the screen to move them into the off roll area of Scholarpack (found via Admin > Students> Search Not on Roll)


2. Print off Admissions and Leavers Report (Optional)

This is an optional step which allows you to print off the Admissions & Leavers report. See this article for further details: Admissions and Leavers Report


What's next?

Once you've off rolled your leaving students you can click 'I have off rolled all my leavers' and move on to Step 5 - Promote Students

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