Accidentally overwritten or removed attendance codes

If you accidentally overwrite or remove attendance codes, don't panic. 

Just go to Reporting > Reports > Attendance > Attendance Audit.


Where it asks for a Start Date and End Date, this is a date range of when the change was made, not the date of the register code(s) you're looking for. 


  • Original Date - is the register date for the code
  • Session - either AM or PM register
  • Original Code - what the Absence Code was before the change was made.
  • Date Changed - the date and time stamp of when the change was made in the system
  • Code - what the code was changed to
  • User - the Scholarpack user that made the change

If you need to find multiple dates, you can filter the Original Date column by typing in the date you want to view in the white filter box and hitting Enter on your keyboard - 

mceclip2.png      mceclip3.png

Simply export/print this and pop back into the Register > Manage Register area. Enter your date range and click on the current code to expand it and then choose the correct code from the dropdown. This saves automatically. 

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