How do we record data for the School-Led Tutoring Programme and report on it?

The Department for Education (DfE) is providing ring-fenced grant funding directly to schools to support the provision of school-led tutoring, from the academic year 2021/22. This data will be collected termly, starting from the October Census 2021, for students aged 5-15 years (as at 31-08), in academic years 1-11 (early years students are not eligible). 
The funding amount that schools receive will be proportionate to the number of Pupil Premium students on roll. For guidance on this funding, click here. The School Led Tutoring grant is paid through the ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency) as part of their scheduled payments to schools. 

Recording School Led Tutoring 

On the student profile's extended tab, in the Covid-19 Information section, you can record who is in receipt of this tutoring, and the total number of hours they receive in the academic year to date. At the end of each school year the student profile will be re-set to No for being in receipt of tutoring, activated by the Year End process, in order for you to record the students in receipt each academic year. 

Against 'Is [student] in receipt of School-led tutoring' click on Manage to set it to Yes, and then you may record the hours to date in this section. There will also be a Notes field which will be available to view in the School Led Tutoring Report. 




The Total Hours received is to be entered in half hour increments (0.5). Each School Census will be collecting the data for all students in receipt of the tutoring, as well as the hours received to date. 

Note: Do not record a pupil as in receipt until school-led tutoring sessions have begun, as this will result in a Census query.

Students not eligible for School Led Tutoring

School-led tutoring is only available to students aged 5-15 years (as at 31-08), in academic years 1-11 (Early Years students are not eligible).  If the student is in a year group which is not eligible for School-Led tutoring (e.g. Reception), on the student profile you will not have the Manage button.


Reporting on School Led Tutoring and Data Collection

To report on which students are receiving School-Led Tutoring, and the number of hours received to date, go to Reporting > Reports > Student (tab) > School Led Tutoring:


In this report you can select an academic year (e.g. 2021) to view the funding received during that year, or it will default to 'all years'. 


The report will display the total hours of tutoring received per student for an academic year, as recorded on their student profile's extended tabs. It also contains a notes field to enable filtering the report by any notes entered in the student profile School -Led Tutoring area. 


Data Collection for School-Led Tutoring Hours

There will be two mandatory data collections that schools must complete during the academic year. 

  • The School Census
  • The School-Led Tutoring: Year End Statement - this is an online form which will be available from the ESFA in June 2022. Schools are required to complete and return it in September 2022. Data collection via the School Census.

At each Census schools need to provide data on which students have received tutoring and the cumulative number of hours of tuition delivered to each student. This information will automatically feed through to the Census file from ScholarPack. 

Note: Students who are expected to receive tutoring but have not yet started the tutoring as of the census date should not be recorded as receiving tutoring. 

 School-Led Tutoring Year End Statement

The ESFA will ask the following questions in their School-Led Tutoring Year End Statement:

  1. What is the total amount your school has spent on School-Led Tutoring in the academic year 2021-2022.
  2. Please state the total number of pupils in your school who have received tuition through the School-Led Tutoring grant in academic year 2021-2022.
  3. Please state the total number of hours of funded tuition in your school through the School-Led tutoring grant funding in academic year 2021-2022.
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