I have added the New Form for September and now would like to check this for all students, how would I do this?


If you go to Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > Next Year's Form Groups  you can check the allocation of Forms for September here, which will also enable  you to print off class lists.


To view the whole school do not change any of the filters at the top but we would suggest splitting by Form (if split year groups), or Year and Form, to make the report easier to read. Also, tick to include Future Students (in addition to Current Students) to pull through your admissions students (as long as their Admissions Status is set to Enrolled, in order for them to appear in reports as future students).


Once run you will see a list of all students with their current year and form group and the year and form group that is set for September.


If you wish to select next year's Year 1 only, for example, then in the Year Group drop-down scroll down to the 2022 Year Groups and select Year 1 here.  Once selected this will show Year 1 (2022).  The same principle applies to selecting next year's Form Groups; select the Form Group further down the drop down with 2022 in brackets otherwise you will be viewing this years form groups.  




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