Wrong Teachers in Class Lists after completing Year End

If you have completed the year end process via Admin > Year End but the incorrect teachers are showing on the class lists report, this means you have not updated the Tutors area ready for the new year. Please go to Admin > Config > Tutors.

In here all ScholarPack users on the system who have the teacher role will be listed.  

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 07.51.58.png


If you have had a new member of staff and they do not appear on here it may be that a user has not been created for them on ScholarPack.  For further information on creating ScholarPack users please see: Create a new login for a member of staff

  • If a new member of staff is to be assigned to their form group please click onto "Assign" to the far right hand side of their name, select the year or form they are assigned to and update to save.  
  • If a member of staff is assigned to a year or form group but this is the incorrect one, click onto the manage button on the far right side of the member of staff and you will have the option to unassign the incorrect form group and add the new, correct group.  Once completed click add new and close to update.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 07.53.42.png

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