How do we set targets in Simple Assessments?


To set targets for students in our Simple Assessments module, go to My Subjects > Simple Assessment Markbook.




Once there, select your assessment, subject and year group from the drop-down menus. You will find under the drop-down marked 'Checkpoint', that you can select either 'End of Year targets' or 'End of Key Stage Targets'.




Load your markbook to see your list of students. On the right hand side of the list, you can use the drop-downs to set each students' individual target. Alternatively, you can use the 'Fill gaps...' drop-down to set targets for any student that hasn't already got a target set.




If most students are expected to have a particular target, we suggest using 'Fill gaps...' to set theirs, then editing the drop-down for any student with a differing target.

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