How to change a staff contract from Temporary to Permanent


For you to change a staff contract from Temporary to Permanent, you need to go to the staff profile in Admin>Personnel>Staff and choose the staff member or use the Search box at the top right hand corner of your Dashboard.


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Staff contracts are stored in the staff profile. Only staff members with the HR role can view or edit other staff member's contract information.

To edit a staff member's contract data, select the cog. The white cog allows you to add a new contract, the black cog allows you to edit an existing contract.


A member of staff may have more than one contract, therefore you are able to scroll down to see all of the contracts on their profile and edit each individually.

If it is just a few fields you need to change on the existing one, then you will need to create a new contract and use the Clone Contract drop down at the top of the create contract page.  You can find this by clicking on the white cog.



This will auto populate the new contract with information from the one you chose.  You can then amend fields as required before pressing Insert to save the contract. This will ensure you have a history of all contract changes. 

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