How to record Pre Key Stage standards for Key Stage 2 Statutory Assessment


The Pre Key Stage standards are for students who are working below the standard of the national curriculum assessments and engaged in subject-specific study.  This means they will be working below the lowest standard in the relevant framework for Teacher Assessment. These are designed to assess and record attainment in these subjects, but do not cover the full breadth of knowledge and skills. 

Students who are working below the lowest standard in one of the TA frameworks because they cannot communicate in English should be assessed using the Pre Key Stage standards.  

To enter the marks, go to Admin > Students > Statutory Assessment and select End of Key Stage 2 from the Key Stage dropdown. Highlight the assessment components you wish to enter data for, with the result date, year of result and students' curriculum year. You will find PK1-6 available as mark options in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  Please be advised Pre Key Stage standards are not to be recorded for Science.  



Click to read the Department for Education guidance on Pre-key stage 2: pupils working below the national curriculum assessment standard.

If students are working below this level, and not engaged in subject specific study, you would need to use the Engagement Model. 

For guidance in how to enter Pre key Stage Standards for Key Stage 1 in ScholarPack, please click here


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