I have imported a CTF but the assessment data isn't showing, why is this?

In order to see if statutory assessment data has been imported from the CTF you will need to navigate to the the student's profile, click the Assessment tab, and click where it says 'Statutory Assess.' on the left hand side of the screen on the 'Other' table.


If there is no data present, but you believe there is data present on the CTF, please upload the file into Admin > Secure Upload and contact your Support Team - 

  • If your school is supported by Scholarpack directly, click the 'Contact Us' button in the top right of the Help Centre
  • If your school uses a Support Partner, please contact them. Click their name in the top right of your Scholarpack above the search box, for their contact details.

Let us know what expected data hasn't come across, and the name of the CTF file in secure uploads. If only one or two students were in the file, it will also be helpful to be provided with their names/student ID. 

Please note: Internal assessment (summative) data does not come across in a CTF, only Statutory Assessments (EYFS, End of KS1 & End of KS2).

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