Why is ScholarPack not working?

There could be any number of issues relating to why you can't access ScholarPack on your device (such as an iPad or Mac).

Check which browser you're using

You may encounter issues if you are using ScholarPack through:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Firefox

ScholarPack works best with Google Chrome. While users are free to try their browser of choice, functionality is not guaranteed and we cannot provide troubleshooting or support in these instances.

Try clearing your cookies and cache

You can see how to clear cookies and cache for Google Chrome on their site here.

  • Make sure the time range is set to at least the last 24 hours.
  • You may wish to untick 'Browsing history' if you do not wish to clear this.
  • Make sure 'Cookies and other site data' and 'Cached images and files' are ticked and click clear data.

If you use other browsers, you will need to refer to their documentation on how to clear cache etc.

Get in touch

If these steps don't work, you can contact the ScholarPack Support Team if supported by ScholarPack (using the Contact Us button in the top right of the Help Centre), or your Support Partner if not supported by ScholarPack.

Please include:

  • The specification of the device - for example, you can see how to identify the model of your iPad here.
  • The browser you are using - Chrome can be readily identified via its icon. 
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