Error message when trying to run my census

There are a few different errors you may get when accessing the census area

When doing a census test run

If you try to run your census while the status is still almost ready then it will give you a generic error page rather than a census error. Once we have released the census fully you should be able to run it and see the census errors so you can fix them.

When going to Admin > Census

An error can occur in Admin > Census if you do not have enough information populated in Admin > Config > Core Set Up > School as this is required for the Census to run.  Please check the information here and fill in as much as possible you should then be able to access the census as expected.  

When trying to download the census file

This error may be showing as the census has not been calculated yet. The census file cannot be generated before the census has been calculated. 

To calculate the census please go to Admin > Census and click Calculate in the top right hand corner to see any errors or queries you may have.


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