I am restricted from accessing an area on ScholarPack, can you give me access please?


Unfortunately, managing user privileges to give staff access to certain areas of ScholarPack is not something we can do directly; this must be managed in-house by your own Sysadmin. To request adding/changing user roles on staff profiles, you can:

  • Ask your school's Sysadmin (System Administrator) to go to Admin > Personnel > Staff > Staff profile > Change Password/Roles. They can select individual roles, or hold down the "CTRL" key while selecting multiple roles, before clicking Change to save the changes.
  • If no one at your school has the Sysadmin role, please ask your Headteacher to email support@scholarpack.com requesting the Sysadmin role to be added to their profile. We will then add this user role to the Headteacher's login, and they will then be able assign the access roles needed. 

Please note we are unable to provide Sysadmin access to anyone other than the Headteacher, and this must be an email request directly from their official staff email account. 

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