If a child is moving to a Scottish, Irish or abroad school, how do I create a Destination School or send their data?

The Scottish/Irish and abroad education systems differ from the English one, so you cannot send the standard CTF. The school will require you to print off each area of the student profile and post it either by recorded delivery or registered delivery. The school may also have a secure email address for you to use to send files over. It is best to check with the child's new school as to the best method for sending student data.


You may also wish to set up a Destination School for your own records to record when the child left and where they have gone to. The new school won't have an LEA, ESTAB or URN number to add, but you can still add a destination school. To do this go to;  Admin> Config> Destination School Setup. 



Click "Add New"  



In the "Destination LEA Number" , "Destination ESTAB Number" and "URN" type in "XXX

In the Destination School Name, type in the name or location of the new school and Click "Insert" 




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