Historical Form Group and Class Information

Scholarpacks Year End process requires students to be removed from old Years/Forms/Classes and promoted into new ones, it is not able to save the previous information.


If you move a student between Forms, only the Form they are currently in will show in any registers or reports, this includes any historical registers or reports looking at a historical date range.

You may be able to retrieve some information by going to Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > Admissions & Leavers Report


If you enter the date range you are interested in, and select Arrivals, a report will be produced of students who started at the school between those dates and the Form allocated to them. 



The same goes for the Classes in My Subjects, as students are removed from their previous teaching classes into new ones as part of the Year End process. 

Class information is not stored in Scholarpack, but any assessment marks assign to students will be saved in student profiles under the Assessment Tab. 

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