Off roll leaver still showing in the register, search or comms

You may find students who have been off rolled show up in unexpected places. Follow the instructions below to resolve.

Important note about Comms

In Admin > Comms in the student search bar off roll students will show so that if you are chasing a dinner debt from the previous year for example you can still message the parents.

Check they have been marked as Off Roll

When a student leaves your school, in addition to entering a Leaving Date on the student profile, you need to off-roll them in order to remove them from the register and appearing as a current student in reports.

On the student profile's extended tab, scroll to the base and click on Off Roll. 


You will then be asked to enter a Leaving Reason. Choose the relevant one for the student and click Complete Off Roll


This student is now off-roll and will not show in registers. You can access former student profiles if you go to Admin > Students > Search Not On Roll


Try a refresh

If you are still able to search for an off roll or deleted student in the search bar on the top right hand side of your ScholarPack, this may be because since off rolling/deleting the student you have not refreshed your ScholarPack. 

If you click onto Home > Dashboard or press F5 to refresh your web page, the student should then not show.

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