Record Students In Care

To enter 'In Care' information for a student you will need Child Protection Officer (CPO) user role, in order to view the Confidential Tab on the student profile.

On the Confidential Tab you will find this area:

This section allows you to set up the details for any student In Care with the appropriate LEA and Care Authority. 

If an 'In Care' policy is in place (Looked After Child - LAC), details are entered or edited here by clicking on the cog. 



Care Authority = is the originating Local Authority that placed the child in care.

Register LEA = is the authority in which the child is attending school in.

These may be the same, but do not have to be as children can be given care placements outside of their care authority.

Clicking Update will save any data entered here. 

Note: If a student is no longer in care, then this flag is set on the Extended Tab of the student profile, within the Support Section. 



If this message appears on the extended tab (see above) then it is best to check the In Care information entered on the Confidential Tab.


What's next?

You can see how to report on Students in Care here: Report on Students in Care

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