Class Numbers report total number of students in a form is incorrect

In Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > Class Numbers you may find a discrepancy in the number of students in a year group, compared to the total in the forms in that year (see example below). You can see more details on this report here: Class numbers report

This would indicate either that their admission status is incorrect, or they have no 'Sex' assigned in their extended tab.


1. Check the admission status

Go to Admin > Students > Admissions to see if a new or future student is in this area. 

If a student is there, check their Admissions Status is set to Enrolled so that they pull through to reports (click in the Admissions Status cell and select Enrolled from the dropdown).


If the admission status shows as 'Current Student' this is because they have attendance data recorded against them. Either they attended your school previously and are reinstated with a future entry date, or they're a new student, and it has past their entry date but they were not properly enrolled.  See - New students not showing in reports after their entry date for how to resolve this.

2. Check assigned Form

Next, go to the student's profile and check they have a Form assigned on the Extended Tab, under Core Information. If not, assign this and click Save.

When you run the Class Numbers report again, you will find that the total number of students in the year is equal to the sum of the total number of students in each form.


3. Check they have an assigned Sex

As this report divides students by male and female, if a student has no sex assigned, they won't show in the breakdown, but will in the total, causing a discrepancy.

You can check this via the Student Custom Report. Run the report selecting year group, form group and gender from the data items table, then filter for 'none' in the Gender column.

When you've found the missing students, head to the extended tab and fill out the Sex field on the extended tab, clicking save.

If you have added the student manually and forgotten to fill out this field, it may default to 'M' if you have been on their extended tab since. This could also be the cause of a discrepancy if you are expecting a form to show with a higher number of female students on the report.

Please note

In Summer 2023, we updated how sex and gender identity are recorded in ScholarPack in accordance with DfE requirements. A student's legal sex is collected on the extended tab in the Sex field, along with added a new field of Gender Identity.

We are still in the process of swapping over this terminology on other areas of the site, which is why in the report this field is still labelled as gender. Please see this article for more information.

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