Blank Rows in the Free School Meals Report

There may be empty rows in the Free School Meals report due to students having more than one open date entered for a Free School Meal (FSM) period.

This occasionally arises from data on a new student's CTF. To check these dates, please go to Admin > Students > Manage FSM.

Here you can check the start and end dates, looking for any overlaps or irregularities. You can edit entries from this area, or add new FSM periods.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 08.35.45.png


Students should only have one open Free School Meal entry on their profile.

If there are two open entries, one will either need to have an end date entered prior to the start date of the other entry, or delete the later FSM entry so that just one open period remains.

You may need to check with the Local Authority for clarification on eligibility dates. 

Alternatively in Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > Free School Meals if you click on the surname of the student above or below the blank row it will take you to their profile, as either of these students will be causing the blank row.

Go to the extended tab, and click Manage to edit their FSM entry.

The duplicate Yes indicates there is more than one open FSM period on this student's profile.

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