Combine Pupil Premium with boys or girls in the On Track Report

In order to filter a report to show just boys or girls with pupil premium, you will need to set up dynamic groups first.

Go to Reporting > Data Digger and from the Dropdown 1 choose Boys Only.

In Dropdown 2 select Pupil Premium.

You should now see a Venn diagram on the left hand side which should look something like this:



Next, click on the number in the centre of the diagram.

This will bring up a pop up showing you the names of the students that currently fit into the categories of boys with pupil premium.

Enter a name for this group in the box, then click Create Dynamic Group.


To do the same for the girls, change the selection in Dropdown 1 to Girls Only, and then follow the same steps as before to create the group.

Now head to Reporting > Assessment > Steps > Ontrack Reports. Select standard or extended report, and under group 1 select one of the two groups you have created and run the report. Then change this option to the other group to report on that.

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