Information Sheet for Off Roll Student

Go to Admin > Students > Search not on roll. Choose the student and go to their profile. There are three document options to the right of their name: A5 sheet, XML and PDF.

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On the PDF you will find basic information (Name, Gender, Address, DOB, first Language, Ethnicity, Religion, Miltiary, Doctor, Medical Conditions, Siblings and Contacts).

On the A5 index card you will find Student Name, UPN, DOB, Gender, Admission Date, Home Address, Medical Information, Dietary Requirements,Doctor and Emergency Contacts. 

The XML enables you to produce their CTF. 


If you need to run an Info Check report for the student including Permissions, you can do this at Admin > Students > Export Info Check.

Under extended information you select the student's Year Group or Form Group, tick Former Students, and Permissions Included. Run this report, and only print off the page(s) that relate to this student's data. Only current students will be in the Single Student dropdown so you need to run this for the whole Form or Year Group. The only additional information this provides from the PDF document on the student profile, is the permissions fields. 

You can do these actions with the student still off roll. 

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If the full Data Capture Sheet is needed, you will need to reinstate the student as this can only be obtained for current students. You do this by going to Admin > Students > Search Not On Roll, entering their name, Choose, then Reinstate.

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Go to Admin > Students > Download Capture Sheet and find their name from Student (optional) dropdown. 

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Once you have downloaded or printed this form, go to the student profile and check the dates on the Ancillary Tab for School History.

Make a note of the original entry date, as you need to input this on the Extended Tab. You will also need to re-enter the original leaving date further down the extended tab. At the base of the tab click on Save, then Off Roll. The student will then be off-rolled in their previous state. 

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