Is there a way to send the Class Organisation Return (Pupil Data) to Hertfordshire County Council?

If you head to Admin > Config > Data Exports, and enter Herts in the search box you will find the Herts CC Pupil Data.csv file. 


Select this, then at the base of the page click on Generate CSV to produce the file to export to Herts CC.

Herts CC may require you to convert this to an Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook prior to sending, so after creating the csv file, click on Save As and select the appropriate Excel version (*.xlsm)



You will need to populate your tutors area on ScholarPack to match teachers to classes prior to producing this file. Head to Admin > Config > Tutors, click on Assign next to a teacher's name and record the Year Group and Form the teacher is linked with. This is needed to populate the CSV for Herts CC. 



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