Is there an attendance summary I can add to student end of year reports?


The Individual Attendance Summary is one report you can run. If you go to Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Individual Attendance Summary:


Select a form or year group and then Choose.


A table will come up for each student with their attendance sessions and percentages. If you download this report to Word you can edit the document by taking out spaces to fit three tables per page, instead of the default one per page it downloads as. 

If you require the attendance codes as well as the summary, you can use the Student Attendance Reports (Bulk) report:


Select a form group, then tick to include specific students or select the whole form by ticking against the form abbreviation. You can also choose whether to include register notes. 


When you click Generate PDF you generate a view which is similar to the Attendance Overview on the student profile, showing attendance codes for the whole academic year. These print as one per page for each student.


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