Key Stage Formative Statements Import


Step 1 - Download the assessment template

  • Download the assessment template at Admin>Students>Assessment Import and open with Excel.
  • When opening you will be prompted to enable macros or not. Please select ‘Enable Macros’. This will help with validating your data entry before passing it back to us.

Step 2 - Prepare the workbook for data entry

There are two sheets in the formative statements assessment template. The first is called ‘Statements’ for entering the statements you want to be imported, the second is called ‘Mapping’. Before completing the first sheet you must complete the mapping sheet.

Every unique subject and component for which your statements belong must be present in the ‘Mapping’ sheet.

Once you have added all of the subjects and components you will be using you will be ready for data entry in the ‘Statements’ sheet.

Step 3 - Data entry

Each row represents one statement that you would like importing.

  • The Subject value must equal a value in the ‘Subject’ column in the mapping sheet. For example if the subject is Mathematics in the mapping sheet then this must entered as ‘Mathematics’ in the statements sheet. The same is true for the component.
  • The target is the statement for this subject and component.
  • The Order is the order you would like this to appear in ScholarPack. This is optional. The lower the number the higher the statement will appear in ScholarPack.
  • Finally the ‘Year’ column is the year group for which this statement is used to assess.

Step 4 - Validation

The final stage before submitting your assessment template is to validate the data. On the statements sheet there is a ‘Validate’ button. Clicking this will highlight in red any subjects or components that are not correctly mapped to the respective value in the mapping sheet.

Finally please double check the formative statements submission checklist before submitting.

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