Why are the figures different in the Custom Attendance Report compared to the Percentage Attendance Between Report?

The figures displayed in the Custom Attendance Report and the Percentage Attendance Between Report sometimes shows a slight variance in percentages due to the different way the reports calculate the figures. It's usually less than 1% but has been known to be up to 1.5% different.

The Percentage Attendance Between Report works out the figures per student and then averages the total percentages. So, it calculates:

Sessions Attended/Possible Sessions (x 100 to create the individual student's Attendance %). The report then adds up all the Attendance % and divides by the total number of students in the report for overall Attendance %. 

The Custom Attendance Report works the attendance as a whole, so adds up all the sessions for everyone. 

Sessions Attended total/Possible Sessions total (x 100 to create the overall Student Attendance % in the report).

In the example below the two reports display a 0.01% difference in Attendance %. 

The Percentage Attendance Between Report displays:

Attendance % - 98.55%                         Authorised Lates % - 0.15%

Unauthorised Absence % - 0.75%           Authorised Lates % - 0.03%

Authorised Absence % - 0.7%

whilst the Custom Attendance Report for the same date displays:

Attendance % - 98.54%                            Authorised Lates % - 0.16%

Unauthorised Absence % - 0.75%              Authorised Lates % - 0.03%

Authorised Absence % - 0.7%

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