Manage FSM Eligibility


Admin > Students > Manage FSM

Manage FSM allows you to manage FSM eligibility by looking at all students, a specific year, or a form group, rather than looking into each student's individual profile. 

Once the group has been selected click Choose. If you only wish to look at those students with current or previous FSM period ensure you select Only Students with Current or Previous FSM Periods.  Once the students are listed you have the option to search by UPN for a specific student.

                                                                            manfsm.PNG For each student you will have a record of any FSM eligibility periods, whether they are recorded as claiming FSM and the option to edit or add new periods of eligibility. 

To change a student to Claiming FSM click on the red cross to make it a green tick. 


The Edit button allows you to end a period of eligibility and also identify the student as claiming FSM. 

Select Update to change the entry or Delete to remove.

The Add New Period button allows you to include a new period of FSM eligibility.

The information displayed can be exported as either a Word, Excel or PDF document. You can also display the report as either Landscape or Portrait.



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