Send regular Comms messages to a group of students

You can send Comms messages to Dynamic Groups set up via the Data Digger on ScholarPack.

Head to Reporting > Data Digger.


Dynamic Groups update when new students meet the criteria.  You can set up a Dynamic Group by selecting a cohort of students from the dropdown menu next to the number 1 on the right side (e.g. Eligible for Free Meals). These will be your Free School Meals (FSM) students.


Static Groups don't update, you just select the students you want in the group yourself manually.  Alternatively if it is a list of unconnected students by cohort, click on Manage Static Groups (at the bottom of the page). 

Select Add New and give this group a name.

You can then add individual student names to this group.


To send Comms messages to this group, you now need to convert this Static Group into a Dynamic Group.

On the Data Digger front page, select Static Group from the dropdown next to number 1, and a box will appear to select the static group you've just set up.


A number will appear in the blue circle (all the students in this group), click on this and give it a name - it will now be a Dynamic Group which will appear in Admin > Comms. 

In the Comms area, on the left side under Dynamic Groups, you will find all your dynamic groups as well as your intervention groups.


Click on the group, then Add all. 

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