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ScholarPack allows Administrators to manage the registers using the Manage Register module.   Teachers would take their registers via the Home > Register area.


Most of the register management within ScholarPack is done through the Manage Register panel shown in the screen shot below.

Here you can change individual student's attendance codes, as well as bulk update the registers for any date range. You are also able to record in this area if a student has been picked up late from school.

Data entered into this area is saved automatically. 

Pressing View Register and leaving all other selections blank will list the whole school for the selected time frame.  The maximum time frame that can be viewed at any one time is 4 weeks. You can select the date range of interest using the calendar date pickers or you can select a date range using the Quick Dates option.

Once the page has loaded you can see all the codes that have been entered into the registers for the selected date range. You can filter the students that are shown by using the Year and Form pickers at the top of the page or you can select an individual student. You can also choose dynamic groups that have been created using the Data Digger to view special groups.

An information link will appear on the top left of the screen entitled 'Open Register Codes Summary'.


This provides a list of all current DfE attendance codes and shows whether they are classed as authorised or unauthorised absences.


Bulk Filling the Registers

You can use the Manage Register area to bulk update register codes for holidays, absence, school trips etc, however you should not use it to bulk update Present codes set in the future.

To bulk update, select the group of students that you want to apply register codes to using the drop-down lists as shown above and choose a date range.  The pupils will be listed in an online register - any sessions with no register marks added will show red.  Any sessions where register marks are not required (e.g. set holidays) will be greyed out.  Any marks already recorded will be displayed.

Clicking on a child's name will take you through to their individual attendance profile.

Back in Register > Manage Register, on the far right of the register is a 'Select' column.  All students ticked will be included in the bulk update.  To deselect all students un-click the top select box.  To select all, click the top select box so that all students are ticked.  

To remove or add individual pupils tick/untick next to the child in the select box.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the 'Choose Code' drop-down list to select the code that you want to apply to the selected students.  Choose 'Fill Spaces'.

Choosing the 'Fill Spaces' tab will not overwrite any existing marks unless you tick the 'Overwrite' box.

If you make a mistake in applying the wrong code, you can click the Undo Last Bulk Transaction button.

In order to remove all attendance codes from the current selected time period, you need to complete a simple sum at the bottom of the page and choose 'Remove Codes'. This is to ensure that the action you have requested is correct and to prevent incorrect deletion of data. 

You can add a note to a student code by clicking on the code/date in question.

Once you have entered the note, click on the green tick to save the note.  Once a note has been added, the cell colour changes slightly to identify which attendance code has a note attached.  

To remove the note, click back into the code cell, delete the note and then re-save using the tick icon.

You can also record the number of minutes late a student is when recording a 'Late before registers close' L code.  Once the L code has been applied the minutes late box will become apparent.


Save the entry.

Applying Codes to an Individual Student

To apply a code to an individual student, select the student, the date range and session option from the drop downs:

Once the student has been selected, apply the appropriate attendance code as described above.

Late Pick Ups

By selecting the 'Manage Late Pick Ups' option, you are able to record the time a student has been picked up from school and add any notes.

By selecting the year/form or an individual student and the late pick up option, you are able to record the time a student was picked up and a note if needed.  You can then generate a report in Reporting > Reports> Attendance > Late Pick Ups to create a list of late pick ups. 



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