Manage Register Changes


Register>Manage Register


Below is a screenshot of the new Manage Register page. Depending on the attendance code selected the following will occur:

Authorised Absences

If you select any of the following codes C, E, H, I, M, R, S or T a yellow border will surround the code.

Unauthorised Absences

If you select any of the following codes G, N, O or U a salmon/pink border will surround the code.


If a note exists or is applied a grey background will encompass the cell.

Changes Made

If a change is made to a given attendance code then the cell will temporarily display two coloured borders.  The first code that was registered will display a border colour based on the code falling within an authorised or unauthorised category (as above). The new code will generate a second, inner border.  This will help you to identify any changes made on the page before refreshing.

Example of change:

Owen Berry - Monday - PM: changed from unauthorised code to a present code.

Minutes late

If you add the 'L' code or the 'U' code to the register you are also given the option to add how many minutes late a child has arrived.  A yellow triangle will appear in the top right of the code box to show more information is in this area. Hover over the triangle to view the amount of minutes late for that session.

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