Manage Siblings

You can associate Siblings within the school in Admin > Students > Manage Siblings.

In this area, ScholarPack will find possible sibling matches by looking at the student's surname.

Siblings are listed when you view a student in the group or form selected and it will allow you to pair the students together. If you wish to show the forms and year groups please ensure the boxes Show pastoral group/form of on roll siblings and Show year group of on roll siblings are ticked.

Once you have selected the group (this can be a year or a special group), select View Chosen Students.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 10.55.22.png


Select the Edit button to assign a sibling to the student. All possible matches will then be displayed (by matching on surname) together with the option to search the database for a sibling match with a different surname.

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If the Possible Sibling is correct then click on the name and it will appear as a Currently Assigned Sibling.

The sibling match will be associated between both students. To unassign sibling associations, click on the name in Currently Assigned Siblings and it will change to being a Possible Sibling.

The report will now show the sibling association.

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You can also assign siblings directly from the student profile page by clicking on the cog next to Siblings.

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