Manage Student Permissions



Admin > Students > Manage Permissions

This area of ScholarPack allows you to set up and then record any parental permissions given to the school about the students. The process consists of 2 steps: Generate the permission name and record the parents response to the request.

Manage Permission Names - Admin > Students > Permissions Lookup

This will show a list of standard photographic, audio and video permission together with the option to add further permissions, as needed by the school.  If you wish to remove any of the default permissions, the edit button will allow you to delete and the Add new tab will allow you to add a new requirement to the database.






Manage Student Permissions

The manage student permissions allows you to record against each student the permission given.  You can select by year/form as required and from the drop down, you can select which permission you wish to administer.

Once you have selected 'Submit' you can generate a report through the reporting application, showing all the permissions as recorded














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