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The Manage Staff Attendance is a means of recording both staff attendance data as well as staff absence details. The attendance data does not populate the Fire List. The first stage is to select the date range in question.  If you wish to record an absence period during a holiday, then use the Check to Include Holiday.  This will allow you to record absence codes during a holiday period.  The holiday dates will be coloured yellow to make them clear from term dates. You can also enter absence data for an expired contract.  The expired is represented by grey blocks.

You will then be presented with a table listing all staff members with the option to apply codes to an individual member of staff or in bulk.

Applying Codes to all Staff Members

To apply codes to all members of staff the far right column needs to have the box ticked for the staff members you wish to apply the code for. Select N to untick all or Y to tick all. The default position is that all staff members will have a tick present and therefore have the selected code applied.

Select the code from the drop down. You can  search for the code by typing in the required absence reason.  To close the window without entering an absence code select 'close' from the drop down.


Once the code has been selected, click fill spaces and the register will be populated.


You also have the option to Undo Last Bulk Transaction if an error has been made as well as removing all codes using the Remove Codes option.

Applying Codes to individuals or groups of staff

To apply a code to an individual or a group of staff, ensure that the appropriate staff member(s) have been selected by entering a tick in the far right column. You can deselect all the staff members by pressing the N.

Select the appropriate staff member using the tick box, choose the appropriate code and then click Fill Spaces.

If you hover your mouse over the numerical absence code, it will show you the meaning of that code and also any note that was recorded. 

Please note: The application of a sickness code is also recorded in the individual staff member's profile. 



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