Staff Attendance Patterns

You can set attendance patterns on ScholarPack to add absence reasons in the future for staff.
For example: for those staff members who work part time or do not work during school holidays.
To do this go to Admin > Personnel > Manage Staff Attendance Patterns.

In this area you will see a table of staff member's names and the option to select the staff members.

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 09.21.39.png


  • Firstly select the absence reason to enter.
  • Then set the date range for the pattern to run.
  • When you are happy with the date range select the staff members to set the pattern for in the end column of the table. You can use the check all button to select all the staff members.
  • Once staff members have been selected you will be able to set the pattern.
  • To set the pattern click the ticks to change them to crosses for the sessions where the absence reason needs to be applied.

For example: if the staff member is part time and only works Mondays and Tuesdays you would change the ticks to crosses for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Therefore where a red cross shows it will enter the chosen absence reason.

You can either change these individually or in bulk using the options at the top for the days of the week.


Take your time clicking sessions, the system saves after each click so do give it a couple seconds and don't rush otherwise patterns will not save and will cause issues in your staff attendance figures

The pattern will show from the start date moving forward. You cannot backdate patterns.

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