Managing Duplicate Student Contacts

Scholarpack has a designated area for managing duplicate student contacts (i.e. mum/dad) which resolves issues in the Parents App and general student records. It is recommended you go through this prior to launching your Parents App. 
Go to Admin > Config > Manage Duplicate Contacts. You will need the full Admin user role for this area. 


Here you will see all the duplicate contact records the system has identified, grouped by name. Each contact record will have its own contact ID in the system.


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Sibling Links

Linking siblings to the same contact ID enables your records to be kept in good order (e.g. only one record needs updating with new mobile or email numbers, instead of updating each contact record). 

This is also a requirement for the Parents App, so that one contact ID will display each child's information on the app and only one Parents App code required per contact.

If a parent cannot see all their children in the Parents App

This often means you have duplicate contact IDs for the parent and you need to check the Manage Duplicate Contacts area of ScholarPack. By merging duplicate contacts, they will then see all their children in the App.

*If you check the Manage Duplicate Contacts area and the parent is not listed here, refer to the 'Duplicate Contacts not Listed' section below.


Merging Duplicate Contacts

The system will list any potential duplicate contacts with the same name in the Manage Duplicate Contacts area.  They still need checking by a staff member to check they aren't actually different people with the same name.

To merge duplicate contacts, select the one contact ID you wish to keep by ticking the far left column titled 'Contact to keep', then click 'Merge'.

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The additional contact(s) will be merged into the one record you selected to keep.

If this contact is a Contact 3 and a different relationship on another student profile, it will merge the IDs but still keep the contact relationship and order already assigned. The old contact ID on that profile is then removed and a new merged one established. 


Deleting Duplicate Contacts

To delete a student contact click onto the contact and then onto the black cog next to their name.

Here at the bottom you will have the option to delete the contact. 

App Users

If you are trying to merge duplicate records where the contact uses the Parents App, it will display 'Yes' in the App User column.


If you try to merge a contact that's already an app user into another contact, you will get the following error - 


Check the records and if you still need to merge an app user record with another, you will need to revoke their app access temporarily, merge the duplicate contacts and then give them a new linkup code.

To revoke a link up code go to Admin > Parents App > Manage Access > Choose year and parent and click ‘Revoke’.

To generate a link up code, go to the same area again and click 'Generate Linkup code' and share this with the parent.


Incorrect Duplicates Identified

If the system has grouped together some contacts with the same name, but there are differences such as a different addresses and/or contact details (i.e. they are different people and not connected), you can click on 'Exclude from Merge', prior to selecting the one you do wish to combine others to and then click on Merge. 


Duplicate Contacts Not Listed

The system is unable to identify all duplicates contacts due to things like variations in spelling or contact full names vs shortened names. E.g. Samantha and Sam

You may find parents using the Parents App cannot see all of their children because of this.

If you identify parent contacts that are not listed in the Manage Duplicate Contacts area, you will need to manually remove the duplicate contact link. 

  • Open the student profile and click the cog next to Contact Information.

  • Search for the parent contact (keep in mind possible nicknames, short names, alternative spelling)

  • Any existing contacts that match your search will be listed, showing their unique Contact ID and any students they are currently linked to - 
  • For the example above, you could update ID 11485 to 'Felicity' then this should show up in the Manage Duplicate Contacts area to be merged.

    OR if that doesn't work
  • Delete the contact you don't want to keep from whichever student they are linked to.  This does not delete the contact itself, just the link between the contact and the student.

  • Re-add the correct contact by clicking the white cog next to Contact Information and doing a search for them > click Update next to the correct contact ID and fill in the requested information then click 'Allocate'.

  • Now if you click the white cog next to Contact Information and do a search for them again, the one contact should show as being linked to both siblings and the duplicate will not be linked to any - 
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