Managing your duplicate student contacts for the Parents App and general student records

You can merge your duplicate student contacts at Admin > Config > Manage Duplicate Contacts. You will need the full Admin user role for this area. 


Here you will see all the duplicate records you have for each contact as they are grouped by name.  Siblings need to be linked to the same contact details rather than a separate contact record set up for each one.  




Linking siblings to the same contact ID enables your records to be kept in good order (e.g. only one record needs updating with new mobile or email numbers, instead of updating each contact record).  This is also a requirement for the Parents App, so that one contact ID will display each child's information on the app and only one Parents App code required per contact. If a Parent using the App can only see one of their children, it often means you have duplicate contact IDs for them, and you need to check in the Manage Duplicate Contacts area in ScholarPack. By merging the contacts, they will see all their children in the App. 


To merge contact data, click on the one Contact ID you wish to keep, then click Merge so that additional contacts with the same data get merged into one record. If this contact is a Contact 3 and different relationship on another student profile, it will merge but still keep the contact relationship and order. The old contact ID on that profile is then removed and a new merged one established. 


If you have contacts with the same name, but different addresses and contact details (i.e. they are different people and not connected), you can click on Exclude from Merge, prior to selecting the one you wish to combine others to and then clicking on Merge. 

You will find a video guide to this process here: Managing Duplicate Contacts



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