Meals and Year End on ScholarPack



Actions: Before Year End

Student & Staff Meal Payments Reports

Before the year end process is completed on ScholarPack via Admin > Year End please ensure that all payments are entered for students and staff via Admin > Meals > Student/Staff Meal Payments.  Once Year End is complete the payments will need to be added to the next academic year. 

If you use the banking area (Admin > Meals > Banking) please ensure that this is up to date before year end is completed. 


Creditors & Debtors Reports

We would also suggest once all payments are entered running the meal creditors and meal debtors report for your records (Admin > Meals > Meal Creditors/Meal Debtors).  Individual student statements will still be available once year end is complete but reports will work in the current academic year only. 



Actions: After Year End

Carry Balance Forward Report

Once Year End is complete there are some actions you may wish to complete before September.  These are listed on step 7 of year end also.

If you do have students ending the year on a debt you may wish to carry this forward.  To do this please go to Admin > Meals > Carry Balance Forward.


Once in this area to transfer all meal balances from last year click choose.


You will then see a list of all students, here click Check All and update at the bottom to save.


This will copy the balance over to the Starting Balance column for the new school year.

Set Meal Availability Report

Next you may wish to set your meal availability for the year.  This will make meals available to assign to students meaning your teachers will be able to allocate the meals on the first day or term in the register or you will be able to copy across last year's pattern if this is how you assign meals.

To do this please go to Admin > Meals > Set Meal Availability.  

Please note before setting the meal availability for the year ensure your holidays have been added for the next academic year via Admin > Config > Core Set Up > Holidays (to prevent meals getting assigned in holiday periods).  For further information on this please click here.



If setting meal availability in bulk for the whole year click onto the Assign all year option.  If you select this accidentally you can remove all year to undo the changes made. 

You can also set the availability for the first 20 days of term (if you change meal options on a regular cycle). Tick on each cross to make the meal an available option for those dates. Please remember you will need to return to this area regularly and update meal availability for 20 days at a time, if you don't assign them all year.


Bulk Student Lunches (meal patterns)

Once the meal availability has been set if you use meal patterns and wish to set these up please go to Admin > Meals > Bulk Student Lunches.


Select the date the pattern is to be available from, and the Group (Year) and Form. Click Choose to display a table of students in that year/form. You have the option to Copy Last Year's Meal pattern at the base, or you can select which students to assign a particular meal pattern to. 



You can also click on an individual day's cell to assign a meal from the drop-down meal choices.


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